Aroma AWK-115S Hot H20 X-Press 1-12 Liter Cordless Water Kettle

If you enjoy drinking a cup of tea in the afternoon then an electric water kettle would be a convenient item to have in your kitchen. The Aroma AWK-115S cordless water kettle is an affordable kettle that you should put in your shopping list. Why? Well, just read the following good and bad points for this electric kettle.


This pot is pretty fast in boiling water. When you fill it up to the lid it can finish boiling the water in about five minutes. You don’t need to turn it off manually since it does that on its own once the boiling water generates enough steam. It’s the steam pressure that triggers the off switch.

Being a cordless kettle means it’s easy to move around when you want to pour the hot water. No cord to tangle or limit your movement. The water itself has no plastic taste or smell (even though there is a small plastic part in the interior).

As for cleaning this kettle is very easy to clean because both on the interior and exterior are smooth. Since it’s not a big appliance you can easily wash it in the kitchen sink.

Last but not least is the look. You gotta admit this is one sleek-looking kettle. The finish makes it look pretty enough to consider it as part of the decoration.


The first caveat is the lack of heat insulation. The stainless steel exterior gets hot when you boil water in it. You need to make sure that you grab it by the plastic handle. Touching any other part will likely burn your hand.

Secondly is the noise; it makes loud noise as it boils the water. It’s not too annoying but if quietness is a major factor for you then this is not the right kettle for you. The third is the switch location which is awkwardly located under the handle. It feels flimsy too.


Even though it’s cheap the Aroma AWK-115S cordless water kettle is proven to be a dependable piece of electric kettle. It’s fast to boil water and the cordless feature is really handy when you move the kettle around without the cord hanging on the bottom of the kettle. See the amazon electric kettle and make a decision for yourself.

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